Our vision

Milliarum GmbH develops integrated SAP project management solutions and places the user at the center of its work. The goal: to find an innovative and simple solution with every project that will last in the long term. The combination of innovative ability, integration knowledge, process know-how, specialization and experience is the basis of our valuable problem solutions.

It all began with creativity, passion and an idea: to develop innovative integrated SAP project management solutions that focus on added value for the user. Today we are one of the leading providers of integrated SAP project management solutions with an independent process and application technology vision. An example: the Milliarum Cockpit (MC) developed by us, which serves to map product development processes (PEP) with SAP.

At the same time, our striving for innovation and the desire to design independent and at the same time simple approaches to solutions have been preserved to this day. We approach every new project with the goal of finding an innovative and simple solution.

Our core business is the design, implementation and operation of SAP solutions that are completely tailored to the optimization of project-related business processes. We implement the individual requirements of the customer with standardized, modular components and combine the advantages of a standard solution with the advantages of unique products developed in-house. We implement solutions that could not previously be implemented in SAP and that are only possible with modern SAP tools, our innovative concepts and our additional developments. Depending on requirements, process- or customer-specific functions are supplemented and standardized billion-euro solutions are used for this. As part of the mapping of project-related business processes, we have developed independent solutions for capacity planning, resource management, progress tracking, project and product costing and critical chain project management, among others, which have led to a significant reduction in planning costs for our customers. A fast and cost-effective implementation is the product of our many years of experience.

The indispensable prerequisite for the successful realization of projects is an agile way of thinking, characterized by curiosity and passion. We therefore offer our employees flat hierarchies and a high degree of freedom in finding solutions, project work and working hours. The goal: The implementation of ideas that last for the long term and also offer our customers a solution in the long term that guarantees value. In this way, gaps in the SAP system can be closed, generic solutions can be developed from individual customer requirements and these can be implemented as independent products. The long-term loyalty of customers is part of our corporate philosophy, which is guaranteed by the fact that projects are carried out flexibly and quickly without neglecting the long-term benefits. The combination of innovative ability, integration knowledge, process know-how, specialization and experience is the ideal prerequisite for innovative problem solving - and the basis for successfully continuing our company history.


Steffen Wester-Ebbinghaus

Steffen Wester-Ebbinghaus Managing Director

Harald Schmitz

Harald Schmitz Managing Director

Dirk Ott

Dirk Ott
Managing Director

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